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Luxurious Fitted Luggage

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME | favorite movies: X-Men: First Class (2011)

"I can’t stop thinking about the others out there, all those mind that I touched. I could feel them, their isolation, their hopes, their ambitions. I tell you we can start something incredible, Erik. We can help them. ”

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It's growth, then decay, then transformation.
Get To Know Me Meme: [1/5] Favorite TV Shows
Breaking Bad
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Welcome to MJN Air.

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A lost soldier and a one woman catastrophe.

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She’s tore up plenty, but she’ll fly true.

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"My family is so supportive and they’re just thrilled that I was able to come to America and establish my own life and identity at 24. That is probably what they’re proudest of."

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you say that i’m kinda difficult

but it’s always someone else’s fault

got you wrapped around my finger, babe

you can count on me to misbehave

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While DYAD carried female clones to term, the military faction carried the males.

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Selected work of Amy Pleasant

  • Wide Open
  • On The Ground Below
  • Crowd
  • Out From Under
  • Sunshine On My Face
  • Cityscape
  • Untitled (Three Heads)
  • Kiss 3
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Sophia Bush winning the award for “cutest person on earth”